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Why Performology?

In a business challenged with sustaining profitable growth despite forever changing rates, guidelines, and objectives, an insurance agency’s success is ultimately dependent upon one factor; the ability to maximize employee performance.

Performology is a complete business and employee performance management system that helps insurance agency owners drive the right behaviors by aligning their agency and staff with their parent company goals and then use incentive compensation to inspire and motivate maximum performance. End result: success becomes systemic throughout the organization.

How top sales organizations build championship teams

Get everyone committed and on the same page


Broadcast what’s expected, where we are, and what we need to do


Incentivize to accelerate results and create a winning culture


Gain deeper insights through integration

With our seamless integration platform, manage all aspects of the business under one intuitive platform with your existing lead management, CRM, and reporting tools.


Finally, a system that’s loved by the entire team

I have never seen anything like Performology in all my twenty-five years in the insurance business. Performology changed my agency. My staff loves it. They have daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals. They have the opportunity to pull from five buckets of money. Nobody wants to leave money on the table. Performology is the best self-motivation tool and employee management system, I have ever seen. It made my life so much better, less stress, and more family time. It will give your staff a goal and a purpose.
Ronnie Dressel
Agency Owner
I am extremely pleased with the Performology system. Performology allows me to successfully monitor my progress in the agency. I've also noticed that the system is easy and convenient.
DeIndia R. Bates
Licensed Representative
If you're not using Performology, you're giving up ground to the competition.
C. Mouton
Licensed Producer
It is the missing link I have been looking for, as my strength is in Sales, and I needed something to help me daily to be more consistent with managing my Agency. We made more sales in 2 weeks being on Performology than we have with a full month of sales for several years. My staff are excited & motivated to sell more by seeing the immediate results of their compensation, & they feel a sense of accomplishment seeing us hit our office & individual goals. It is very easy to use! It also saves me so much time calculating staff compensation. Performology has all of this in one place right at your fingertips. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!!
Cynthia Scales
Agency Owner
Within my company’s rankings, my agency excelled from #27 in my state and #56 in my Region to now #1 in my state and #3 in my Region (consists of five states). One word to describe my success: Performology.
Bill Washington
Agency Owner

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